Frequently Asked Questions

So, what is your church actually like?

We are an imperfect church trying to serve a wonderful Savior. We treasure the Scriptures as God's revelation of Himself to us. We try to help each other become more like Christ. And we attempt to Cultivate a Christ-Centered Community, not attract a crowd.

What are your life groups like?

Our Life Groups consist of 10-20 people each and meet after the worship service for an hour. We meet to discuss the sermon, apply it to our lives, and pray for each other. We also help each other as needs arise. For us, Life Groups are key to being part of the community. 

Do you do hymns or contemporary music?

We do both, but about 70 percent are contemporary. We often begin with a hymn then transition to more modern music. About one week in five, we focus entirely on the hymns.

Why do you include hymns?

Because the church wasn't started in the 1980's. She has 2,000 years of rich resources to draw upon. And we don't want our kids to grow up not knowing  A Mighty Fortress in Our God or Amazing Grace.

What is your style of preaching?

The pastors generally preach in a verse-by-verse fashion called expository preaching. They often use visuals to help explain the text or illustrate it. Sometimes they will preach topical series based on what they sense will be helpful for Cultivating Christ-Centered Community. 


Our nursery is always available for our youngest children. Those in elementary school begin in the worship service, and then they are welcome to go to their own teaching time during the sermon. We also have nursery and children's classes during the Life Group time after the worship service. 

How and why should i download the app?

The FCC church app is a great way to stay connected and a rich store for your spiritual life. Through the app we can communicate, listen to sermons, read the Bible, get notified of events, join Online Prayer Times, and more! 

How to get plugged in? 

We hope everyone gets plugged in! We don't want to just be a church with spectators. The first place to start would be with Life groups. Then we also have a number of ministries in which you can be involved. About once a quarter, we have a membership class to help you understand more about FCC and how you can get engaged.