Life Groups

The purpose of our Life Groups is to have regular gatherings in which we can share life. Currently, our regular rhythm of Life Groups is Sunday after the worship service. We gather, discuss the sermon, and pray together. Life Groups very in size, but are generally 10-20 people. We hope you'll join one!

Life Group Leaders

Bob & Elizabeth Beasley

Life Group Leaders
Robert and Elizabeth have been leading Life Groups for many years. To develop the Life Group culture, they enjoy asking creative ice breaker questions. 

Mike & Dory Oda

Life Group Leaders
Mike and Dory have been Life Group leaders for many years. As such, they enjoy developing the culture of their group through prayer and sermon application. 

Darren & Bonnie Thompson

Life Group Leaders
Darren and Bonnie have been members of FCC for 30 years. Over the years, they have served in many different capacities. They love going deeper into the application of the sermon in community. 

Nathan & Abby Beasley

Life Group Leaders
Since joining staff in 2020, Nathan and Abby have been leading the Young Adult Life Group. They seek to cultivate an environment that is authentic and hospitable.

Try out a life group this Sunday!

Filling out this form does not obligate you to come. We would just love to know in advance if you're interested so we can meet you on Sunday morning, share more about our Life Group, and show you which room we meet in! 

"The people in the life group have become precious brothers and sisters in the Lord as we pray for one another and minister to one another and the church."


"After we have worshipped and heard God’s Word in the message, the Life Group is  the 'icing on the cake.'”


"Life Group is the place where you know you are loved; the place you go to get recharged."